Monday, December 29, 2014

Preparing for the New Year

As we wrap up all of our 2014 projects and prepare for the new year, I am reminded of the following quote by Robert Rosen in his book, Leading People ,Viking Pengiun, 1997. As writes, 

"People want to be led. They don't want the old authoritarian leadership style. Nor do they want some clever new management technique. Instead, they want leaders with deeply held human values who respect people's unique talents and contributions. They want leaders who will create an environment that nurtures excellence, risk taking, and creativity. They reject intimidation or manipulation, but they positively yearn for inspiration.

Similarly, in the misguided efforts of leaders is hidden another message: leaders need followers. Leaders don't want docile, do only-as-ordered employees.  Instead, they want responsible, mature, forward-looking associates. They want partners who are as committed as they are to the success of the enterprise."

In 2015, I hope you skip the “new” management techniques and focus instead on the core values of respect, excellence and inspiration. I also hope you remember not to create followers but instead partners focused on our collective success.

I look forward to continuing the journey with you in 2015 as we all figure out how to move from vision to action.

Geery Howe, M.A. Consultant, Executive Coach, Trainer in Leadership, Strategic Planning and Organizational Change Morning Star Associates 319 - 643 - 2257

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