Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why Teams Fail

Many years ago, the Hay Group reported that teams failed to meet expectations because of the following reasons:

- 55% - goals unclear or changing objectives

- 51% - lack of accountability

- 49% - lack of management support

- 47% - lack of role clarity

- 45% - ineffective leadership

- 40% - low priority of the team

- 30% - no team-based pay

I do not know if these numbers are still accurate in 2011 but I suspect that for many companies, the top four to five problems have not changed much over time. And when we examine these problems in details, one thing becomes clear to me this morning. Not a single one of the them is insurmountable.

Starting today, we all know how to create SMART goals and to clarify objectives. We also know how to hold crucial or fierce conversations where people are held accountable for their words and their actions. We even know how to improve management support and develop role clarity.

But, as many of us have learned in life, knowing is not the same as doing. The above challenges fall into the doing zone and this is where things get more complex. For translating knowledge into action requires all of us to make time for what matters the most, and that is our people.

This week and this coming month, think about your teams and reflect on which ones need your assistance to get better. Then, review the above list and make the right choices. Invest your time and leverage your energy in such a manner as to make it a force multiplier.

Geery Howe, M.A.Consultant, Executive Coach, Trainer inLeadership, Strategic Planning and Organizational ChangeMorning Star Associates319 - 643 - 2257

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