Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Brutal Facts

Every day this year, seven thousand baby boomers turn 65.

Currently, 70% of Americans are stressed out about work.

$ 300 billion is the annual cost to businesses due to employee stress.

And if the above was not enough, customers over 50 own the vast majority of U.S. wealth, causing more and more retail businesses to redesign how they do business to accommodate the wishes of an older population.

So as the potential for retirement rises, the stress increases, and the wealth continues to migrate to the older population, a ripple effect is taking place in the world of leadership, resulting in one simple question:

Who will be the next generation of leaders in your organization?

Ideally they will come within based on what Jim Collin’s research shows. Think Built To Last, Good to Great, and How The Mighty Fall.

Home-grown talent has potential.

But weekly coaching sessions and the occasional seminar only can do so much.

Real learning takes time, depth and focus.

Real learning in combination with exceptional coaching demonstrates a 72 percent improvement in performance according to the American Society For Training and Development (ASTD).

The challenge this month is to determine who is worth the investment.

Remember: seven thousand people each day turn 65. They will retire, and they will take with them their leadership skills, knowledge and perspective. One day, their strategic mindset will walk out the door.

So, who will be the next generation of leaders in your organization?

Choose wisely.

Plan wisely.

It will make a difference.

Then, enroll these key people in the 2012 From Vision to Action Leadership Training.

Here is a link for more information about this unique learning opportunity:

The future of your company will depend on who is leading it.

Tomorrow is only a day away.

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