Monday, December 21, 2015

With Family & Friends

Recently, I overheard a conversation between some one who has lived their entire life in the midwest and someone who was born here and just returned after many years away. Asked what is was like to be back in Iowa, she replied, “My DNA is happy. I’m home.”

At this time of year with the holiday spirit all around us, my DNA calls out to be close with family and dear friends. It is the feeling of being connected to these loved ones, even if we are separated by many miles, that creates purpose and meaning in my life. It gives me pause to realize how truly blessed we all are in this journey called life.

And one of the true blessings in my life are the fabulous people I get to work with on a regular basis in consultations, trainings, and executive coaching sessions. To be included in such important personal and organizational transformation is humbling and powerful. I feel honored. Thank-you.

This week, I hope you have time to be with family and dear friends. And that when you are all together, you will feel blessed beyond measure and find peace and love in your heart. From my family to your family, I send you joy and hope this holiday week.

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