Monday, October 12, 2015

Interesting Things About the Best Leaders

I spend a great deal of time each week visiting with people in leadership positions. I listen to their challenges, explore their concerns and help them figure out their choices. There are moments of intensity and periods of great brilliance. There are times of silent reflection and other points of deep sharing. Some of these visits reflect fifteen to twenty years of working together, and others only have thirty days of history. In the end, all of these visits are based on the common understanding that through dialogue and exploration new, better and more effective solutions can be discovered.

After nearly 30 years of doing this level of work, I have discovered some interesting things about the best leaders. First, they understand that to be a great leader they need to be an excellent follower. Positional power alone does not increase effectiveness.

Second, they recognize that leaders get what they role model and what they tolerate. Therefore, they are constantly working on improving their personal performance as a leader. Making continual progress is cellular with these people.

Third, they realize that the future is not some distant place down the road. The future begins now and is influenced by the choices we make today.

Fourth, they understand that sustainable and successful change happens at the speed of people rather than at the speed of software. Thus, organizational change is the sum of individual change.

Finally, they invest in people with potential to become better people. They agree with Kevin Cashman when he wrote that “in order to become a better leader, you have to become a better person. Therefore, they mentor, coach, teach and invest in people so they can achieve their full potential.

And here is where the 2016 From Vision to Action Leadership Training enters into the life and work of leaders. The best ones I have met are always evaluating who has great potential and whether or not with a touch more training and coaching they could be better positioned for today and for what the future holds.

Now is the time to register yourself and your key people for the 2016 From Vision to Action Leadership Training. Through a challenging, interactive curriculum which blends lectures, selected readings, small and large group discussions, and how to skill-building exercises, participants in this four part leadership training gain critical knowledge and skills which improve their ability to lead people and their organization through current and future challenges.

 For more information on how to register for the 2016 From Vision to Action Leadership Training, please click on the following link: 

If you are seeking to become a better leader and you have people you work with who have great depth and potential, then now is the time to invest in the future. I invite you to join me in 2016 as we all continue to learn how to better deal with the current and future problems and challenges of leadership and organizational change.

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