Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Building Capacity For The Future

One of the biggest challenges for any senior leader is to create more leaders within their organization. With every day being full of meetings and desk work, busy has become the new definition of success. Still, the best leaders know that the execution of an organization’s strategic plan will entirely depend on maintaining and developing people in key leadership positions.

So what is the first step to building capacity?

Realize that an individual’s bandwidth reflects their depth of experience and their learning. If you want to expand their capacity, you need to expand their experience and their learning. With the significant amount of adaptive changes that are present currently within the business world, and with the ones that are coming in the digital and global market places, we need more leaders who are ready, willing and able to solve technical and adaptive problems.

For someone to become a better leader, they need to better tolerate ambiguity, and to a degree chaos. No organization, large or small, can move from one level of performance to a better level of performance without generating moments of confusion, conflict and disorder as they stop doing the old ways of working and embrace a new way of working. Leaders who understand that change is disruptive and difficult, yet normal, are the kind of leaders who can move forward individually and collectively in an effective manner.

So, what is the second step to building capacity?

Sign up your key leaders for the 2016 From Vision to Action Leadership Training. Through a challenging, interactive curriculum which blends lectures, selected readings, small and large group discussions, and how to skill-building exercises, participants in this four part leadership training gain critical knowledge and skills which improve their ability to lead people to generate short and long term success.

For more information on this in-depth training and how to register for the 2016 From Vision to Action Leadership Training, please click on the following link: http://www.chartyourpath.com/VTA-Leadership-Training.html 

The future is coming faster than you think. The more leadership potential you have within your organization the more prepared you will be.

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