Monday, March 9, 2015

The Freedom to Continue

Being a leader is hard work. 

Every day, we deal with people, problems and complexity.

We routinely make decisions with incomplete information.

We struggle with group dynamics.

We try hard to sort the wheat from the chafe when it comes to prioritizing.

We make every effort to communicate in a clear manner.

And some days, we don’t feel like we are making much progress.

Some days, we are worn by the pace and overwhelmed by the magnitude of just how much needs to get done.

When I am facing such times, I remember the following quote by John W. Gardner:

"We need to believe in ourselves and our future, but not to believe that life is easy. Life is painful and rain falls on the just. Leaders must help us see failure and frustration not as reason to doubt ourselves but as reason to strengthen our resolve.... Don't pray for the day when we finally solve our problems. Pray that we have the freedom to continue working on the problems the future will never cease to throw at us.”

My challenge to you this week is to remember that the future is just another sunrise away. And we need leaders who will strengthen our commitment to keep trying. We need leaders who believe in the work we do and who know that hard work matters. We need leaders who are committed to their people. We need leaders who are willing to pray that we have the freedom to continue solving today’s problems and the ones that are coming.  We need leaders right now who will strengthen our resolve.

Are you willing to be that kind of leader this week?

Geery Howe, M.A. Consultant, Executive Coach, Trainer in Leadership, Strategic Planning and Organizational Change Morning Star Associates 319 - 643 - 2257

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