Monday, August 18, 2014

An Addiction to Reading

Every week, I visit with people in senior leadership positions. Sometimes we do this over the phone and some days we meet in their office. When ever I am in the office of a strategic leader, I can guarantee you that there will be a shelf filled with an excellent collection of books. Some are new and others are classics. All are well worn and continually referenced. This is because strategic leaders are addicted to learning and in particular reading. 

Many years ago when preparing to teach the first From Vision to Action Leadership Training, I started asking very good senior leaders what they were reading and what had helped them over the course of their career to become an effective senior leader. Time and time again, the same books kept showing up on the list. These titles became the foundation for the first set of selected readings for the From Vision to Action Leadership Training.

Since then, I have continued to explore with senior leaders what they are reading. And as before, the same books and the same authors keep showing up on the list. Over the years, I have modified the readings for the From Vision to Action Leadership Training based on this on-going conservation. 

But before, you rush out to purchase all of the latest best selling books so you can become a better leader, the key here today is to realize that highly effective leaders want to read. They are genuinely interested in learning more and reading is one critical way they do it.

This week, commit to reading a new book each month. By the end of 2014, you will be a better and wiser leader. 

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