Monday, November 19, 2012

How Successful People Manage Life - part #1

We were having lunch together and had just finished discussing the status of their current strategic plan when she unloaded his problems with his boss. Most of them related to a lack of leadership and clear communication. She also was tired of living in a world of management by best seller and always encountering poorly designed systems that no one was willing to confront and change. Finally, she was continually worried that critical staff would retire, quit or be lured away by their competition. After discussing multiple ways to deal with these problems, she said to me, “I guess I am going to have to be a leadership silo more than a sign post pointing in the right direction”

Right now, many people feel a disconnect between their daily activities and their personal and professional goals. They feel like they can do nothing to change their situation. They are worn by the constant stress of this type of working environment, too.

Yet I routinely meet people who have similar complex situations and are successful. What I have learned from visiting with them is that they begin to change these challenges by first turning to introspection, i.e. a reflective looking inward and an examination of one’s own thoughts and feelings. From this place of deep introspection, they proactively choose to only work for organizations that align with their personal values. This makes their work relevant on a personal and professional level. It helps them cope differently. They also know their own core values. The combination of introspection and identification of personal core values provides them with a high degree of clarity and centeredness in the midst of difficulties.

The question for all of us this week is simple: Do you know your own personal core values? The answer could unleash a high degree of clarity and focus.

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