Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Working On, Not Just In

One of the defining characteristics of a good leader is their ability to work on the organization, not just in the organization. While this may sound simplistic, it often is much more difficult than it appears.

Michael Watkins in his recent article “The Big Shift: How Managers Become Leaders” in the June 2012 issue of the Harvard Business Review, explains that becoming a leader involves navigating “a tricky set of changes.”  He calls these the “seven seismic shifts.”  As he writes, “New enterprise leaders must move from being a specialist to a generalist; from analyzing data to integrating knowledge from multiple sources; and from implementing tactics to developing strategies. They also need to transform themselves from bricklayers into organizational architects; from problem solvers to agenda setters; and from warriors intent on beating the competition into diplomats who engage with a full range of stakeholders. Finally, leaders must move out from the wings and get used to living on center stage in the full spotlight.” 

From my experience, to make this kind of transition, managers need to acquire many new competencies, particularly in the area of new knowledge and skills required to execute the business strategy in a holistic manner. One way to do this is to participate in the 2013 From Vision to Action Leadership Training. This year long course is designed to help people become better in the areas of leadership, strategic planning and execution, and organizational change. Through a challenging, interactive curriculum which blends lectures, selected readings, small and large group discussions, and how to skill-building exercises, participants gain critical knowledge and skills which improve their ability to work on the whole of the organization rather than just within the organization. 

For more information on how to enroll in the 2013 From Vision to Action Leadership Training please click on the following link: http://www.chartyourpath.com/VTA-Training-Details.html

Navigating tricky changes may not be easy but with the right set of knowledge and skills it can be doable, resulting in greater outcomes for all involved.

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