Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Planning Ahead

Summer is a time to reflect and think about the future.
As Jim Collins and Morten Hansen pointed out in their book, Great By Choice, “Given this rise of complexity, globalization, and technology, all of which are accelerating change and increase volatility, we must come to accept that there is no “new normal.” There will only be a continuous series of “not normal” times.” Day after day, I visit with executives who are fully grasping the significance of this insight and realizing that they need to be more mindful in the development and execution of their organization’s strategies.
Summer is a time to evaluate the organization’s potential for improvement. 
While some executives will continue to focus on compliance, others are also evaluating the depth of their organization’s strategy, talent and capacity to execute consistently. More and more of them share with me that during the next 18 months, they know they will need to further develop a strategic mindset amongst key people, focus on operational excellence, and improve their own personal performance.
Summer is a time to plan.
With the realization that “not normal” is the new normal and that now is the time to focus on in-depth talent development, more and more executives are calling about how to enroll themselves or their key team members in to the 2013 From Vision to Action Leadership Training.  If you are coming to the realization that you and your organization need greater capacity in the areas of leadership, strategic planning and organizational change, then now is the time to reserve a spot in the 2013 From Vision to Action Leadership Training. The list of those signing up has already started.
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It is never too early to plan for the future. As we all know, it will be different than today. 
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