Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Waiting Until The Last Minute

Some days we meet ourselves coming and going. Breathing seems secondary to just running to keep up. Our faithful companion is our Blackberry, iPhone, or Droid. We would be lost with out them.

Some days we just live minute to minute. In the brief moments preceding a deadline, or that incredibly short period before some decisive action must be taken, we pause to think.

Some days, however, we just drink another double expresso and hope that we have the energy to finish the day’s meetings before the evening is filled up doing e-mail.

Nevertheless, there is a better way of living and working. But it takes a great deal of learning, patience and forgiveness. It begins with accepting there is a problem with living in the last minute lane. It also begins with structured learning.

One place many people have turned to over the years is the From Vision to Action Leadership Training. Here, they learn new ways to deal with old problems and successful ways to deal with new problems. Through comprehensive training that meets once a quarter and a set of structured readings in between, participants gain the skills and perspective to become better leaders, who make better plans and who implement those plans even when they have to run into the normal but difficult stages of organizational change.

If you are tired of running in circles and sitting in non-productive meetings, then please click on the following link:

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Waiting until the last minute can be exhausting. There is a better way of leading. I hope you can join us in March 2011 for the From Vision to Action Leadership Training.

Geery Howe, M.A. Consultant, Executive Coach, Trainer in Leadership, Strategic Planning and Organizational Change Morning Star Associates # 319 - 643 - 2257

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